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New Zealand top of the world in university sustainability stewardship. New Zealand universities have come out on top of the world for sustainability stewardship in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2024

Posted on 26 มิถุนายน 2024 by admin

New Zealand universities’ approach to sustainability and equality has been announced as world-leading by Times Higher Education (THE) in its most recent Impact Rankings (2024). The stewardship rankings saw New Zealand score an average of 85.3 to come out ahead of Australia (84.4) and Hong Kong (81.9). All eight New Zealand universities participated in the rankings.

Now in its sixth year, the Impact Rankings is the only ranking system in the world that measures universities’ contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals (UN SDG’s). The Rankings assess the commitment made by universities to sustainability across four broad areas: research, stewardship, outreach, and teaching.

In topping the table for sustainability stewardship, New Zealand’s universities have scored well against indicators such as tracking food waste and having sustainable food choices on campus (SDG 2), the proportion of senior female academics (SDG 5), having water reuse policies and measurements (SDG 6), ensuring energy efficiency with renovations of buildings (SDG 7), and guaranteeing a living wage (SDG 8).

New Zealand universities also came second equal in the world against sustainability outreach, meaning high scores were achieved for contributing to policies addressing poverty (SDG 1), collaborating with health institutions (SDG 3), providing programmes for the local community to learn about energy efficiency (SDG 7), participating in cooperative planning for climate change disasters (SDG 13), and providing expert advice to government (SDG 16).

ENZ’s Acting Chief Executive Dr Linda Sissons welcomed the results and said the global recognition for New Zealand’s universities working hard to make a positive impact in the face of pressing environmental and social challenges world-wide was significant.

“New Zealand’s education system is guided by Kaitiakitanga (the Māori concept of guardianship). This principle instils a deep sense of connection to our land and a commitment to ensuring its health and vitality for future generations.

5 Sustainability Stewardship

“Kaitiakitanga informs the approach taken by our universities to resource management, conservation, and sustainable development that all contribute to the UN’s SDGs particularly in the areas of food security, bioenergy, sustainable urban development, and climate change,” said Dr Sissons.

Dr Sissons added “It is incredibly positive to have our approach to sustainability stewardship and outreach recognised as world leading. This is particularly important to us as we know that students around the globe are increasingly prioritising environmental and social responsibility and choosing to study at institutions that align with their personal values.”

In this year’s Impact Rankings, a record 2,152 universities from 125 countries/regions were assessed. Progress is measured for each of the individual 17 SDGs, and across the goals as a whole. View the full Impact Rankings 2024 results here.

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