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BRAND’S Health Research Awards 2018 presents a THB500,000 fund to drive knowledge on health, leading to a higher quality of life

Posted on 05 กรกฎาคม 2018 by admin

On its 18th anniversary, Brand’s Health Research Awards invites medical doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses along with scientists and academics to submit their research projects if they would like to win a share of the THB500,000 research fund under Brand’s Health Research Awards 2018. The fund will be allocated to not more than five research projects without any conditions, commitment or strings attached. Brand’s has been supporting and building on health research for Thais in a bid to upgrade the quality of life over the long term. More than 56 projects have so far received financial support from Brand’s. Interested individuals can kindly submit their applications from today until July 31, 2018 to compete for research funding. Applications can be downloaded at

Professor Emeritus Dr. Chomchak Chantarasakul, Chairman of the Screening Committee for Brand’s Health Research Awards 2018, explains that the THB500,000 research fund will be granted to not more than five projects in any of these fields – applied research, clinical research, research and development, basic research including field research in foods, food products, herbal supplements and medicines, including consumer behavior that affects dietotherapy and health promotion as well as related fields. “The move is expected to bring about fresh knowledge that can be applied for the benefit of society. The awards will not only help support creation of new knowledge on health but also evidently demonstrate to the international community the potential and ability of Thai researchers. The awards are sponsored by Brand’s Suntory (Thailand) Co., Ltd,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Ms. Pudtan Pongpattanapaiboon, Marketing Director of Brand’s Suntory (Thailand), says health issues are a global problem that hinders development. Being in the pink of health is living proof of a good quality of life for people in the country, she states. “Brand’s realizes the significance of supporting research to gain new knowledge on health issues. Now for the 18th year, it has been granting funds to Thai researchers who have the potential and wisdom on medical issues and sciences in the Eastern and Western worlds but lack the opportunities and financial resources to put their work into practice. Brand’s Health Research Awards 2018 is proud to fill this gap. I would like to invite researchers and interested people to submit their projects to win funding under Brand’s Health Research Awards 2018. May your good wishes to search for extra knowledge help you become one of the winners of this fund,” she says.

The event will also exhibit research work presented by Dr. Orn-anong Phokaewwarangkoon from the Division of Neurology, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. The work, sponsored by Brand’s Health Research Awards, is entitled “The Development and Evaluation of Efficiency of Glove Devices to Reduce Trembling Hands in Parkinson’s Patients Whose Symptoms Do Not Respond to Treatment by Medicine.” The objective of Dr. Orn-anong’s research is not only to study the efficiency of gloves that have devices to detect shaking and stop hand tremors by stimulating the muscles with electricity, but also to develop such equipment. This can help reduce the symptoms in Parkinson’s patients. The equipment also evaluates unnatural shaking movements and how muscles work when they are stimulated by electricity and when they are not. These devices can be possibly used in analyzing and reducing hand tremors in Parkinson’s patients as well as those who begin exhibiting prominent signs of trembling hands. Doctors and health personnel can use these valuable devices to differentiate between Parkinson patients and patients who suffer from other diseases involving tremors.

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